Soaps she knows spoilers indicate that things will get pretty bad between Billy and Phyllis this week, on "The Young and the Restless." Tension has been mounting where this couple is concerned for some time and issues with "Brash and Sassy" as well as Jabot and Victoria have taken a toll. Phyllis has been fighting to save her relationship but now will become so enraged that she will kick Billy out of her apartment. Everything that has taken place in recent months has been working together to tear this couple apart. They were doomed from the beginning but gave each other a second chance.

They never had any support so no one will even care that this union is over.

Billy and Phyllis are the black sheep of Genoa City

When Jack found out his brother and his wife were sleeping together he was heartbroken as well as enraged. Everyone in genoa city was shocked that these two were so selfish, and they were treated like the black sheep of the town. Eventually, they parted ways, but when Phyllis could not get her spouse to take her back she set her sights on the younger Abbott brother once again. There were scenes where Ms. Summers/Abbott would stare at her brother in law as if she were daydreaming. about him. She also would fan herself like someone with hot flushes.

When Billy confided in her that he was done with Victoria because Victor would always be in between them, Phyllis seized the opportunity and they ended up in bed again.

Once Victoria realized she had lost her former spouse she decided to do everything she could to win him back. There has been a tug of war between these three ever since. Everyone has told Phyllis she is fighting a losing battle but she has been determined to stay the course until now. Spoilers indicate that several things will happen this week, but do not say which one will push Phyllis over the edge.

Victoria is at the center of all the issues Phyllis is dealing with

Spoiler alerts indicate that Victoria will be involved in an automobile accident this week and Billy will be right by her side. he is already working long hours with her every day at "Brash and Sassy." This is why Phyllis is working with Jack to destroy the company.

She became even more determined when Jack told her that his brother used her computer to gain access to Jabot's files. Vicky and her ex-husband are also co-parenting two children, which causes them to spend even more time together.

Spoilers also say that Phyllis will become angry when Billy accepts a phone call from his former wife. This could be regarding her accident and might take place in the middle of Phyllis trying to work things out with her man. Ms. Summers.Abbott is going to put her foot down and take an enough is enough attitude. Billy will try to get back in her good graces but for now, she will stand her ground.