Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber who has over twelve million followers. Paul has landed himself as a regular in the media as he has been causing public outrage with his YouTube videos. The YouTuber was fired from Disney because of his behavior and has been told off by the police several times. The YouTuber has landed himself in trouble by pulling a harmful prank and is now being sued for his actions.

The prank has caused public harm

According to the Daily Mail, YouTuber Jake Paul is currently facing a lawsuit as one of his pranks went terribly wrong.

The YouTuber has been gaining a negative reputation as of late and has received many complaints and threats of lawsuits. However, it appears that this threat was a serious one.

In a report by Seventeen Magazine, the prank was part of a video that Jake Paul created for his YouTube audience. It shows the celebrity driving around in his car with a few of his friends. They were honking the car horn loudly at pedestrians and videotaping their reactions to the loud horn.

It has been confirmed that the YouTuber spent such a long time honking the horn that it caused serious Hearing Damage to an individual. The 20-year-old victim revealed that he was leaving a store at the time of the incident. Jake Paul and his company are being sued by the individual for both hearing damage and emotional distress.

The star has been causing a lot of trouble

According to the Daily Mail, this is not the first time that Jake Paul has performed a controversial prank. The former Disney channel star previously set fire to furniture in his apartment. This caused an elderly woman living next to the celebrity to inhale the smoke, leading to her hospitalization.

In a report by Perez Hilton, Jake Paul's neighbors have come together to file a lawsuit against the celebrity. His neighbors were unhappy with Paul as he released his address to his fans, leading to an overflow of screaming people coming to their apartment block. They found Paul's behavior to be dangerous and disturbing to the apartment residents and filed a lawsuit against him.

Paul has now been banned from filming at his home and is not allowed to pull any pranks at his place of residence.

In a report by Seventeen Magazine, the latest prank has been uploaded to Jake Paul's YouTube video. The victim has announced that the altercation between him and Paul can actually be seen on the camera. Fans are shocked that Jake Paul has landed himself in yet another lawsuit.

Neither Jake Paul nor his company has released a statement about the incident. They are currently trying to find a way to counter the lawsuit.