Lili Reinhart is a member of the cast of "Riverdale" and plays the character, Betty Cooper. This was the actor’s first concrete role in a show and she has amassed a huge fan base. However, recently Lili has come forward with some complaints about some fans activities, including stalking her online and in person, to find out who she is dating. Reinhart has called for privacy and has explained that she is simply a person just like everyone else.

Fans are obsessed

According to Glamour, "Riverdale" actor Lili Reinhart has spoken out about fans being obsessed with her relationships.

The actor plays the character of Betty in the hit TV Series and has a romantic interest in the show. The actor took to social media to express her feelings about fans constantly asking about her relationship status. Reinhart posted a message to Tumblr in which she stated that she is horrified about people investing themselves in her relationships.

The actor has shown her gratefulness to her fans in the past, however, it appears that they have gone too far this time. Reinhart stated that her love life belongs to her and not to them. She explained that they are constantly commenting on her relationships and that she wants some privacy from obsessed fans.

In a report by Just Jared, Reinhart told her fans that if all they spent their time on was obsessing over her love life then they needed to sort out their priorities.

The actor stated that she understands fans appreciating Betty and her love life, as she is a character on the show. However, when it comes to her love life she is over people shipping her with anyone she meets in real life.

Betty and Jughead to encounter problems

Reinhart has admitted that she does not mind fans shipping her character Betty with other characters on the show.

In season one of "Riverdale," Betty was romantically involved with Jughead Jones. However, the end of the first season has hinted at potential problems the pair will face.

According to Glamour, season two will see Betty and Jughead struggling to keep their relationship together. Jughead will find himself in the SouthSide of "Riverdale" and will be spending more time with the SouthSide Serpents.

Reinhart has not commented on how season two will affect the fan situation. It is clear that the actor is tired of being watched by her fans.

There are rumors that Lili Reinhart and her co-star Cole Sprouse have been dating since the earlier days of "Riverdale." The couple has been following each other on their respective social media accounts and fans are wondering if Lili is angry that the couple cannot be together in peace.

"Riverdale" returned on October 11 to Netflix. The second season will pick up exactly where the finale of season one left off.