Logan Paul is a popular YouTuber who has a huge fan base. The celebrity recently went on vacation with his brother where they were involved in a serious situation. The pair found themselves at the attention of the Italian authorities and Logan has released a video about the experience and fans were shocked to hear about the treatment the YouTuber received. Logan Paul has since moved on the from the incident.

The YouTuber opened up about the experience

According to Teen Vogue, Logan Paul has announced that he recently got arrested in Italy. The YouTuber was traveling with his brother when the incident happened.

The pair were flying drones around and were taking pictures of the Roman Colesseum. While they were flying the drones over the building, one of them malfunctioned. It is believed that the drone dropped somewhere on the historical monument.

In a report by Tubefilter, it was revealed that the police authorities in Italy arrested the pair as they investigated the incident. Jake and Logan were both spoken too but only Logan was taken into police custody. Logan has since been released and has returned home to America. The YouTuber teased his arrest on social media and promised fans that he would release a video dealing with the experience.

Logan released a video

According to Tubefilter, Logan Paul released a video about the incident to his YouTube channel, which is called "LoganPaul." The video starts with Paul talking to someone who appears to be the Italian police.

The individual who is speaking is not seen on camera and they are heard telling Logan Paul that he is not allowed to fly drones in the area. They then informed that they were going to have to arrest Paul for this illegal activity.

The conversation continues and the screen is seen to sway as Logan Paul was clearly pulled away to deal with the situation.

The YouTuber than claimed that his drone was taken away by Italian soldiers. The soldiers are seen on the screen and Logan Paul then decides to ask them about the situation with the drone. The screen then going black and Paul then claims that he was forced to stop filming by the authorities.

In a report by Teen Vogue, it has been revealed that the authorities found Logan’s filming of their conversation threatening.

Once the screen cuts to black one of Logan Paul's friends then takes over the vlog for the YouTuber. His friend explained that Paul was being arrested and that they were trying to figure out how to get him out of police custody.

Fans were shocked to see the events that took place in Italy especially as Logan Paul was not being threatened in any way. He even offered to pay the authorities for any damage that may have been caused by the drone.