Erika Jayne is the most outspoken star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and her fans adore her for it. She may have pushed the envelope a tad too far even for some of her devoted fans, however, when she posted an image on Instagram. Call it art or a test of who she believes are authentic fans, but Erika is telling anyone who's offended by the photo to "unfollow" her if they don't like it.

Saint Erika Jayne?

The image seen from the Instagram post below was added to Erika's account on Wednesday. She's seen as a saint on the side of a candle that depicts something religious in nature.

The "RHOBH" star's face is added to a painted figure holding a lamb. Erika Jayne captions the image, "Self appointed. Self anointed. Fan art. For those who are offended please unfollow me and don’t leave comments that no one really cares to read. Go be offended at your own life.[sic]"

One user writes to Erika that she likes the fact she speaks her mind, but that she "crosses the line" on this one. Another writes that the flashy "RHOBH" cast member managed to not only "disrespect" her, but "thousands of others." Someone else slammed Erika by saying her follows are going to hit bottom.

Some were amused and thought it was hilarious. One person commented that people need to get a funny bone, a second person loved Erika's line, "be offended at your own life," calling it the best line ever.

As of now, Erika has 1.2 million followers, will it go down or up? Either way, Erika isn't afraid of a little controversy. In fact, it's part of her brand. She's not one to play it safe and enjoys throwing a little bit of drama out there. She has no issues taking a chance on turning away fans. It's more important to her that she attracts people who think a lot like her.

"RHOBH" filming update

Some of the cast members are posting photos of their travels while the show is being taped for season 8. On Thursday, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley were photographed leaving LAX for Europe. The three women were seen with matching Chanel luggage. Lisa Rinna is already in Europe and posted a photo of herself in a black leather coat; it's unknown if she'll meet up with the others.

Dorit calls it a "girl's trip" and Kyle wrote on her Instagram account that they're "nothin' but trouble."

Camille Grammer doesn't appear to be one of the ladies going to Europe and nothing is out about Teddi Jo Mellencamp going along for the ride.

"The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Season 8 is expected to premiere sometime in December.