Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers to his channel titled "Logan Paul Vlogs." The YouTube sensation was involved in a dangerous Car Accident yesterday in which a woman driver crashed into the driver's side of Paul's vehicle. The YouTuber took to social media to inform his fans of what happened and to dispel any worries that he was hurt. Paul has opened up about his experience and released a video talking about the aftermath of the accident.

The accident could have been serious

According to Just Jared, Logan Paul was involved in a car crash yesterday when his camera was still rolling.

The YouTube star had just left his home and was driving his $300,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV when the accident occurred. A woman driver was responsible for the accident as she accidentally drove her car into the driver's side of Logan Paul's vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz SUV took a significant amount of damage but acted as a protective shell for YouTuber Logan Paul. The impact of the other car driving into the "Yeti" as Paul affectionately calls his car caused Logan's head to smack into the window of the vehicle.

Paul is extremely lucky not to have sustained any injuries from the crash, which could have easily been a much more serious situation. However, because of the nature of Paul's vehicle, it is believed that the car saved the YouTuber from harm.

Paul took immediately to social media to share the accident with his fans.

Paul talks candidly about the car crash

According to Clevver News, YouTuber Logan Paul has addressed the sudden car accident that the star was involved in yesterday. Paul took to Twitter to announce that he had just been involved in the first ever car accident of his life and admitted that he was a little shook from the accident.

Paul confronted fans worries about the star as someone initially beat him to the chase and posted a photograph of the two vehicles when they initially collided. Paul assured his fans that he was fine but that his car known to his fan base as the "Yeti" had sustained some serious damage.

According to Just Jared, the 22-year old then promised his fans via Twitter that he was going to release a vlog about the accident today.

While the star did not get the footage of the two vehicles colliding, he did release a video on YouTube talking about the aftermath of the car accident.

There has been no further comment from Logan Paul and it remains unclear whether or not he will be suing the other driver involved in the crash. Fans are glad that their favorite YouTuber is okay and that he was not seriously injured in the incident.