“The Young and the Restless” spoilers tease that a new twin twist is in the mix and Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) was replaced. On today’s “Y&R”, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) threatened Graham Bloodworth (Max Shippee) and told him that the medical Power Of Attorney is no good in Florida. Incredibly, Graham threw up his hands and agreed to let Dina go with Jack and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) back to Genoa City. But the big giveaway that a scam is afoot was when Graham wished Jack luck with his mom and told him that he would need it. What was that about?

Fake Dina scheme set to steal millions

After the disastrous dinner on “Young and the Restless” at the Top of the Tower where Graham’s ties to Brent Davis were exposed, Graham was on thin ice with Dina. He knew she would change her will and he would get nothing. Myrna Bloodworth (Marcia Rodd) won’t have her revenge scheme come to nothing. Myrna wants vengeance and is willing to do anything to get her payday. The latest “Y&R” spoilers and rumors hint that Myrna had plastic surgery to look like Dina so she can take her place.

The Inquisitr hinted at a doppelganger scheme which, after today’s “Young and the Restless” episode, seems valid.

But did Graham and Myrna find a Dina look alike, or did they create one? Given Myrna’s jealousy that Dina broke up her marriage to Brent and went on to enjoy great wealth, this makes sense. Myrna would go under the knife to take her rival’s face so long as she also got to take Dina’s fortune with it. This explains Dina’s strange behavior when Jack and Ashley followed them to Florida.

Jack and Ashley take home a fake

“Young and the Restless” spoilers show why Dina was so happy to hop on a plane back to Genoa City with Jack and Ashley. That’s Myrna and she can happily wreak havoc on Dina’s life now that she’s taken her place. There’s really no stopping Myrna once she takes over Dina’s life. She can drain her bank accounts, transfer assets to Graham, and sabotage Dina’s relationship with her children.

Dina already upset Ashley by blabbing her paternity secret at the awards dinner.

With Ashley already hurting, Myrna can twist the knife and continue to upset Ashley on the CBS soap. “Y&R” spoilers predict that if Myrna has taken Dina’s place, there’s no limit to her scheme. Myrna can alienate Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) and continue attacking Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) to anger Jack. With inside info provided by Graham on the Abbotts’ soft spots, Myrna can destroy Dina’s life.

Where’s the real Dina? She’s probably drugged and stashed in the retirement home where Myrna lives.

When Dina collapsed with the stroke, it was the perfect opportunity for Graham to use his power of attorney and smuggle Dina out of town to make the swap. But Graham intentionally left a trail of crumbs the Abbotts could follow to find and “rescue” Dina. Jack and Ashley played right into Graham’s hands and there’s big trouble ahead while Myrna pretends to be Dina. Check back often for the newest “Young and the Restless” spoilers.