"Game of Thrones" is going to add some fresh faces in Season 8. The production will start in October and run until the end of August 2018. Therefore, the final season could be pushed into 2019 with a huge gap of about 16 months between seasons.These rumors were neither confirmed nor denied by HBO. According to Liam Cunningham, season 8 will ramp up to World War III in Westeros. There are more adventures to come in the upcoming episodes and fans will be thrilled by the fast-paced action. Writers Brian Helgeland (“A Knight's Tale”), Max Borenstein (“Kong: Skull Island”), Carly Wray (“Mad Men”), and Jane Goldman (“Kingsman”) are closely working with author George R.R.


Spinoff Ideas

It was confirmed by George R.R. Martin that the network is looking forward to working on five potential spinoff ideas, but the shows for those ideas have not yet been confirmed.

During a press event, Bloys said that “The bar set by creators (Dan Weiss and David Benioff) is so high that my hope is to get one show that lives up to it.” He further added that “Martin is involved with some of the spinoffs, but no details have been provided at this time about the series.It does not make any sense that "Game of Thrones" would adopt a practice that is generally used by telenovels, or reveal the dialogues and scenes at the time of acting, but the idea of tightened security for the scripts looks more practical.

Security Measures

During the interview with the Scandinavian talk show, Coster-Waldau stated that tighter security measures have been implemented this year. Although measures have always been in place to avoid leaks, HBO still had a major hack earlier this year. The team is now tightening security around the show to prevent similar leaks from occurring again.

The actors have confirmed that they would not receive any scripts to read. It’s a good start, but preventing viewers from finding out information about the popular show is a nearly impossible task.

Despite efforts to contain secrets, the audience will probably get to know the new cast and the expected roles they will play in the show.

According to the "Game of Thrones" fan site Watchers on the Wall, an important character in season 8 would be a German actor Marc Rissmann having a charismatic personality that surely will be loved by audiences.

Viewers should look forward to the final season of "Game of Thrones," which will have plenty of action and excitement throughout.