On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Dollar Bill Spencer did an about face where his son is concerned. He had promised revenge against Liam, who taped Bill confessing to ordering the fire that burned the Spectra Fashions building. Justin helped his boss destroy all evidence that implicated him and it seemed as if Liam were about to pay for crossing his father. Steffy pleaded with her husband and father in law to reconcile, and she obviously got through to them. Spoilers from Soaps she knows indicate that once Bill reclaims his position as "Spencer Publications" CEO, he is going to offer his son a new position as his right-hand man at the family business.

Dollar Bill has a change of heart

Spoiler alerts indicated that Bill would punish Liam by having an affair with Steffy, but based on Friday's episode he had a change of heart. As Justin and Steffy looked on, Dollar Bill and his son embraced and asked each other's forgiveness. Each man told the other that he loved him, and as the episode ended, the CEO of Spencer Publications had tears running down his face.

Longtime viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" realize this is not in keeping with Bill Spencer's usual mode of operation. He most always is ruthless, money driven and does not like anyone to challenge him. It is certainly possible that he has been humbled by Brooke leaving him and his son taking over his company, but Dollar Bill allowing Liam to walk away without repercussions is difficult to believe.

Liam will have a new position at Spencer

B&B fans probably believed Liam was going to be fired by his father, but spoilers indicate quite the opposite. It seems Dollar Bill is going to make his son his right-hand man. Steffy will be pleased but Wyatt will be confounded at how his brother could cross the powerful Bill Spencer and be rewarded instead of punished.

There has been no announcement of what Liam's new position will be, but it will certainly shake things up within the company and the family.

Bill Spencer always has an ace up his sleep so Liam may not be getting off Scott free. He caused Bill to lose the Spectra property which means he will not erect his skyscraper. Liam paid C.J.

Garrison Fifty million dollars and gave the building to Sally free and clear. He has spent a lot of his father's money and made numerous changes at the company. Time will tell if Justin and Bill have a plan to take down Liam or if the hearts, flowers, violins, and forgiveness are for real.