“Vikings” fans are waiting for the Norse heroes to cause a racket on the small screen again. The fourth season of the history-rich series concluded last year. Its story concluded at such a point that many viewers were left wondering what would happen next. In July this year, History confirmed that “Vikings” was going to return in the form of a fourth season. The production company also revealed its premiere date as being November 29. The upcoming installment is said to consist of 20 episodes. The struggle to claim the throne is expected to continue in full glory.

The official trailer to “Vikings” Season 5 has already made it online.

The new trailer

As noted by Den of Geek, the trailer showcases Floki in his usual essence but at a new location. He is seen standing in an unknown land. Behind him is a marvelous waterfall that perfects the entire experience. It almost feels like Floki is on his way to a spiritual experience. Another one of the brief trailers of “Vikings” season 5 also showcases Ivar before the Kings and his Lords. He is questioned for his contributions towards Sigurd’s death. He is seen admitting his mistakes and even expressing regret over Sigurd's demise.

Another thing that fans are especially excited about in the next installment is Adam Copeland’s addition to the “Vikings” family.

Copeland is otherwise recognized as WWE superstar, “Edge.” According to a report by Deadline, Copeland has been hired to play the role of Ketill Flatnose. This character is strong and brave. Floki will be seen taking Flatnose’s assistance on a lot of occasions. He is also speculated to be a key player at setting up a community for Floki in Iceland.

Heahmund's character

Another report by Screen Rant claimed that Jonathan Rhys Meyers will reprise his role as Heahmund. The actor is famously known for his contribution to the TV series, “The Tudors.” His character in “Vikings” was introduced last season. There is no confirmation on whether Clive Standen will return as Rollo in the upcoming season.

The actor has been busy shooting for NBC’s “Taken,” lately. This sparked rumors, suggesting that he wasn’t able to give “Vikings” any shoot dates. Standen however, said that Rollo will return and that his personality will be very different than what was seen before. There’s still a month to go until the show’s fifth season premieres. Before that, History Channel is expected to release another trailer, giving away key details of the show.