According to the Page Six, Oscar-winning actress, Emma Stone was reportedly signed a multi-million dollar deal to become the new face of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton. According to the outlet, the deal is reportedly worth between $7.7 and $12.8 million. If the reports are accurate, Emma Stone follows in the footsteps of Uma Thurman, Alicia Vikander, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Gisele Bundchen, Muhammad Ali, and Michelle Williams who all appeared in endorsements for the fashion brand. In 2015, “Danish Girl” actress Alicia Vikander was previously the face of Louis Vuitton.

When asked about the deal, representatives of Stone and Louis Vuitton have declined to comment.

LVMH has been pursuing Emma for nearly a year

According to New York Times, the Louis Vuitton fashion brand has been courting the “La La Land” actress for almost a year. The actress was initially reluctant in accepting the offer but now has finally agreed to be the new endorser of the brand for two years. The deal will include wearing the fashion brand gowns during the red carpet events and appear in glossy TV ads and print ads worldwide. An announcement about the partnership is expected soon.

Emma Stone, born as Emily Jean Stone is an American actress who is considered to be one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Emma appeared in the Time 100 this year and Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2013. The 28-year old actress is often described by many as one of the most talented and valuable actresses of her generation. She is known for starring both in low-budget independent films and high-profile production films. Emma Stone gained recognition for appearing in “The Amazing Superman (2012)”, and its sequel in 2014.

Emma was nominated in 2014 for an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Birdman.” In 2016, Emma has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for playing an aspiring Hollywood actress in the successful musical film “La La Land.” She is currently playing the role of the tennis great “Billie Jean King” in the movie “Battle of The Sexes.”

Louis Vuitton has been pursuing Ryan Gosling for three years

Along with the report released by New York Times, it revealed that the French brand has been pursuing Ryan Gosling for three years.

According to the outlet, the “La La Land” actor repeatedly turned down the offer. Gosling’s representative said that the actor doesn’t do any endorsements. Many are saying that the Louis Vuitton's deal was only offered to Emma Stone after her co-star Ryan Gosling rejected it.