The Duggar Family is very popular and anyone who marries Jim Bob and Michelle's children should be ready for the extra attention from the public. Among Jim Bob's son-in-laws, Jill Duggar's husband, derick dillard, has been the most controversial. Just recently, Derick did something that triggers "Counting On" fans to question his faithfulness to Jill.

Derick plagued with infidelity rumors

Last week, Derick shared two posts about adultery. On Friday he tweeted “He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.” Then on Saturday, he posted another verse that read "Say 2 wisdom ‘U r my sister’& call insight your intimate friend, 2 keep u from the forbidden woman, from the adulteress w her smooth word."

Due to his posts, fans of the Duggar family suspected that his cryptic tweets meant something more.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, one fan commented that Derick sounds guilty. Several other fans felt the same, that Jill's husband was talking about himself in his tweets. This triggered their followers to suspect that Derick is cheating on Jill.

The couple has been married for three years already and share two kids together. Two-year-old Israel David Dillard and three-month-old Samuel Scott Dillard keep the couple busy. Jill and Derick just welcomed their second son in July. According to Michelle, Samuel was a big boy. He weighed 9lb 10oz and was 22” long. Jill delivered him via C-section after enduring 40 hours of labor. Thus, it is painful for fans to think that Derick is cheating when Jill recently delivered their youngest child.

Derick violated the Duggar’s rule that prohibits them to dance

Jill and Derick spent over a year in El Salvador for a mission. The couple returned to the United States in May to attend Joy-Anna's wedding. They are still in the country and it seems that Derick is enjoying his stay in Arkansas. Earlier this month, he shared a video of him on Instagram dancing with the crowd at a wild party.

Many were surprised because the Duggar followers know that dancing is against the family’s rules, Radar Online reported. Michelle explained that the act promotes “sensual” feelings. Jessa added that the music encourages sex and drugs.

Derick shared another clip featuring a large group of men and women dancing and clapping their hands as they danced to the tune of “Despacito” which many consider a raunchy song.

A number of “Counting On“ fans slammed Derick for his misbehavior. Due to his followers’ reaction, Derick decided to delete the video.

Do you believe that Derrick is cheating on Jill considering the clip where he danced and partied with the crowd and his tweets about adultery? Drop a comment below.