"Game of Thrones" is perhaps the most famous TV series at the current moment. The show is now entering its final season with huge anticipation from around the world. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has its hands dug deep into most consumer categories – including gadgets and now TV shows.

The company announced a list of new TV projects that it is working on. This move is primarily motivated by its CEO, Jeff Bezos. He is pretty disappointed by the way Amazon is headed forward, as far as TV shows are concerned. According to Variety, Bezos is now demanding that the show developers bring him the next best “Game of Thrones” like series.

Amazon ready to challenge Netflix and HBO's supremacy

“Game of Thrones” has millions of viewers. But when it comes to watching such amazing shows, consumers immediately log onto channels like HBO and Netflix. Amazon is not thought of, at first. Jeff Bezos is not happy with this image, a report by the Variety suggests. In fact, he wants to implement changes by discovering a super-smash TV series that they can stream online. Not only this, but he also wants to be the exclusive owner of that TV show. His team of executives is specifically instructed to begin searching for potential candidates.

According to Tech Radar, Amazon wants the show’s reach to extend to international markets (outside of US, UK).

Variety reported Amazon Studios President, Roy Price as saying that everyone is aware that “it takes big shows to move the needle.” Price was referring to viewer behavior and how it influences a company’s internal company data.

Few notable Amazon's show

According to AV Club, Amazon already streams series like, “The Man In The High Castle,” and “The Grand Tour.” These two shows, in particular, have managed to bring in a lot of success to Amazon.

The e-commerce giant is exploring possibilities in other genres as well. The list includes crime, science-fiction, and fantasy. Amazon is now looking for its big hit. A rumor states that they will air a crime drama soon, which might give them what they want.

The series is based on a gang in San Francisco who is a constant rift with another Chinese gang.

The primary highlight of the show is that Seth Rogen is producing it. This is the main reason why the show is being hyped up before its launch. Additional details regarding the show will arrive soon. Will it have the “Game of Thrones” like success? It will be interesting to see.