vicki gunvalson has grown closer to kelly dodd over the past couple of years as they have created quite the friendship on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” They support one another and they are there for each other when all of the other wives are turning their backs on them. One can imagine that Gunvalson knew that Kelly was planning on filing for divorce from her husband Michael before she announced it to the world. In fact, it is possible that she even gave her some advice on how to embrace the divorce backlash she would get and how to start living like a single woman.

Two weeks ago, Kelly Dodd was traveling around Germany with some friends as she really wanted to explore Oktoberfest. During her time abroad, Kelly announced that she would be filing for divorce from her husband Michael as soon as she returned back home to Orange County. She added that she was tired of the fighting and that it was best for them to split up. No word on whether she and Michael had planned this in advance or if this was a sudden decision she made while traveling.

The power of ‘Real Housewives’

Kelly has blamed fighting as the primary reason why she wants a divorce. She reveals that the fighting simply became too much and she was tired of constantly defending herself. Vicki Gunvalson has been her shoulder to cry on through many of these fights, and Vicki told her that reality television probably didn’t help.

"She told me how unhappy she was, and I said, 'Well, maybe, it's just putting yourself on reality TV, it's tough. There's a lot of marriages that fail when you're on a reality TV show because it puts pressure on it,'" Vicki has revealed, as this may be her theory as to why she’s getting a divorce.

Gunvalson herself has gone through a divorce and the fame from the show didn't help the situation.

Ramona Singer from "The Real Housewives of New York" has revealed that her ex-husband cheated on her because he was intimated by the fame and attention she was suddenly getting from the show.

Troublesome to begin with

When Kelly first joined the show, she opened up about her marriage. She revealed that she had tried to divorce her husband once before, but had to give up as he didn't want to sign the papers.

Now, five years later, he may sign them because the whole world is watching. He knows that everyone is looking to see if there is a reaction.

What do you think about Vicki Gunvalson possibly blaming reality television for their divorce?