vicki gunvalson is one busy woman, as she just opened up a new office for her insurance business. She realized that she needed to focus on herself and her business after the Brooks Ayers scandal, as people were questioning her honesty. Vicki has admitted that she lost business after the scandal and she wanted to move on from him. Gunvalson started working a lot and she even found a new love interest. But these days, she isn't really available on social media and she doesn't defend herself as she used to.

On Instagram, Vicki Gunvalson seems rather absent but she did pop up on the social media network for Easter a week ago, revealing that she spent the holiday with her daughter, her grandchildren, and Steve.

Of course, he hasn't filmed all that much with "The Real Housewives of Orange County" ladies, as they had just met last year when they filmed.

Vicki Gunvalson still with Steve Lodge?

These days, Vicki is still with Steve, but she's keeping him away from the spotlight. She hasn't really focused on "The Real Housewives of orange county" on social media and one can imagine that she's busy filming the show. The producers are in Orange County filming the show, and Vicki has been spotted with a camera crew. Now, Gunvalson is revealing that she and Steve did spend Easter together and her daughter was also present.

"Happy Easter! It was such a beautiful day at the Coto de Caza Country Club for Brunch.

(Steve Lodge was with us too but didn't make the photo) #Easter2017," Vicki wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with her daughter and grandchildren.

It sounds like this Easter celebration may have been better this year than previous years, as she spent them with Brooks. And since her daughter Briana wasn't a fan of him, Vicki often had to choose between seeing her family and seeing her boyfriend.

Her entire family can now breathe easy, as she's dating Steve, who is widely accepted by everyone in her life.

Vicki Gunvalson to deal with Brooks Ayers on the upcoming season of ‘RHOC’?

Last year, Vicki Gunvalson had to deal with Brooks Ayers even though they had broken up and he had moved away from Orange County. She called him to clear her name in the cancer scandal, but he didn't really cooperate.

He was recently spotted in Indiana and Vicki confirmed that he had indeed moved there. She may still have contact with him, since she knows these kinds of details.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson's lack of social media presence? Do you think the show and her new boyfriend are taking up her time?