Jeff Lewis and gage edwards have been together for years and whenever they would fight, it would be about business. Fans have seen them grow together for years on “Flipping Out” and it appears that they balance each other out fairly well. However, having a baby was a huge challenge for them both. While some fans may have been questioning how they could manage a baby with such hectic schedules, it sounds like the challenge wasn’t so much the timing of everything. During the first episode of “Flipping Out,” Jeff revealed that Monroe suffered from colic.

For months, Jeff Lewis and Gage wondered how they would make it through such a tough time. While filming, the baby would just cry continuously and they didn’t know what to do. They were surprised at all of the work and they had nannies quit all the time because they were too emotional to care for the baby. The situation even made Jeff think about leaving Gage and what he would do if he couldn’t handle it anymore. As it turns out, his long-time friend Jenni Pulos doesn’t think it will happen.

Jenni believes they are strong

Of course, Jenni believes that Jeff Lewis and Gage will be just fine. She has two children now and she hasn’t even gone through something so horrible. She realized that they got the short end of the stick and they had to work through a baby with colic.

Clearly, it took a toll on Gage, as he rarely slept and he was constantly keeping an eye out for his daughter. Yet, his work schedule didn’t slow down one bit when he was caring for her.

Now that Monroe is close to being one year, they have grown out of the colic phase. They no longer have to deal with a crying baby, who is constantly miserable.

Many doctors say that babies will have outgrown the colic by three months, but it sounds like Monroe may have taken her time. On "Flipping Out," she's older than three months and still crying quite a bit.

Already talking about a second child

Even though it has been tough for Jeff Lewis and Gage to get through this phase of parenthood, they are already talking about a second baby.

While they may not contact the surrogate yet, Jeff believes they are going to have one more baby. Even though it has been rough with Monroe, they do want a growing family and they are ready for the challenge.

What do you think about Jeff Lewis thinking about having another baby rather than a split from Gage? Are you surprised that they are already talking about a second baby these days?