Monday's episode of "General Hospital" was filled with action and intrigue. A number of characters had interactions with each other that play a part in the mystery of who the real Jason Morgan is. Billy Miller's Jason asked Franco to see him in his hospital room and the two men talked about their possible past together. Over in Russia Patient 6 made it off the clinic grounds with the help of a priest, and later met Griffin -- who was in Saint Petersburg to help Ava. Meanwhile, Ms. Jerome is making excuses and trying to get Dr. Klein off her back.

Sam's animosity toward Julian has her pushing Alexis to go on a date with her doctor.

Jason and Franco have questions

Franco was summoned to Jason's hospital room where the men discussed the photo of the two little boys. Jason wanted to see it but Franco claimed it was lost. Outside the room, Sam was her usual, hateful self. She cannot accept that Alexis still loves Julian and is trying to force her back into the world of dating. Sam manipulates the situation so that her doctor asks her mother on a date.

Alexis is still in love with Julian who will return to Port Charles later this month, and she has no interest in dating anyone. Her daughter is determined to control things and even gives Franco a self-righteous look when she sees him exiting her husband's room.

If she had her way, Sam would keep Franco far away from all those she cares about. Jason does not tell Sam too much about his conversation with the man who once kidnapped her, but he, like Franco, has questions that are yet to be answered.

Griffin arrives in Russia as Ava wonders about her fate

Patient 6 escaped on Friday from the Russian clinic.

On Monday he was aided by a priest who offered him shoes for his feet. They went into a church where Griffin Monroe showed up to pray. The two men spoke but did not make a connection. Ava was in the clinic trying to get Dr. Klein off of her trail. He shows her one of her earrings that was found in the room which had been occupied by the man who had been wearing a mask.

Ava insists that she did not help Patient 6 escape but only gave him a paperclip. She obviously forgot that she had been told not to give him any weapons. Dr. Klein implies that she may have lost the privilege of having her face restored and Ms. Jerome is troubled. She has no idea that help is close at hand at a nearby church. Griffin is determined to find his new friend and he probably will. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC.