For several months now on "The Young and the Restless," the love triangle of Billy, Phyllis, and Victoria has been operating at its dysfunctional best. Jill's son is working all day with his ex-wife, then going home to his brother's former spouse has been the source of much drama. Vicky and Phyllis randomly pop into each other's office space as they are in the same building.

Billy kissed his former spouse but insisted he is loyal to the woman he is living with. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that this is the week when "Philly" comes to an end on "The Young and the Restless." The turning point is because Victoria will be involved in an accident and Billy will rush to her side.

The handwriting is on the wall for Philly

Billy and Phyllis have been hiding secrets from each other and it is beginning to take a toll. Spoilers say this week she will set a trap for him and he will walk right into it. Phyllis will then confront her lover and admit she knows he used her computer to spy in Jabot. She probably will not tell him she is working with Jack to cause problems for "Brash and Sassy." At the right time, her ex-husband will be ready to hurt his brother with this truth and that may be the final nail in the "Philly" coffin.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that the turning point will be this week after Victoria has an accident. Spoilers tease that when Billy runs to her side, it will be evident that he still loves her.

This will truly be a double whammy for Phyllis. She can kind of dismiss his helping Vicky with business, but to acknowledge that his heart is also with her will be too much. If she thinks about it Phyllis probably has known for a while that the handwriting is on the wall, but she has been fighting it tooth and nail.

Victoria's hidden health issue may come to light

Victoria has been having health problems for a number of months now, and perhaps this accident will bring them to light. Vicky has been having headaches, dizzy spells, and mood swings. She has been making irrational decisions and even passed out int he elevator. If she has a serious illness, this will tighten the bond that she shares with Billy.

There are just so many things that are against "Philly" they never really had a chance. To add insult t injury, on Thursday Victor Newman asked "Billy boy" to help bridge the gap that exists between him and his daughter.

These men do not like each other but they have two things in common. Each of them wants to get even with Jack and they both love Victoria. There is no way Phyllis stands a chance, once she tells Billy what she knows. Once he rushes to Vicky's side, Jack exposes her deception, and Victor begins his games it will be all over but the crying.