Soaps she knows spoilers indicate that a few Genoa City residents will find themselves in uncomfortable situations on "The Young and the Restless.".. On Monday, decisions may be made in the heat of the moment, that will have lasting consequences. Cane and Juliet will make a move that will stun Lily and cause her to think twice about recent decisions. "JANE" will most likely push Mrs. Ashby to ask Michael to quickly dissolve her marriage. Phyllis will go into panic mode after talking to Billy. She will be motivated to push her ex-husband to immediately set their plan in motion, to take down "Brash and Sassy.


Lily will come face to face with the issues her choices have caused

Cane begged his wife not to end their marriage, and assured her they could work things out. He asked multiple times if she would give him another chance, and even set up marriage counseling. Lily, however, walked out before the therapy session was over. Now the soon to be ex Mrs. Ashby will come face to face with what she set in motion, as a result of kicking her husband out of the house. Spoilers say that on Monday Lily will be shocked to find out that Cane and Juliet are living together in the Chancellor mansion.

Lily could not deal with the fact that Juliet is carrying Cane's baby when she had to use a surrogate. This hurt her more than the adultery.

A one night stand is giving her spouse the one thing she could not in all their years of marriage Even though she initiated the divorce, it will hurt to see "JANE" keeping out together. The realization that Jill and Colin must have signed off on it may cause Lily to believe that they are in favor of her husband beginning a new relationship with his baby mama.

Jack is going to toss Phyllis aside once he is done with her

Phyllis cannot see the forest for the trees. She is so determined to believe Victoria is pulling her lover's strings, that she refuses to see Billy Abbott for who he really is. Michael, Nick, and Jack have all warned her but she continues to blame Vicky. On Thursday "PHILLY" had a heart to heart talk, but neither of them revealed to the other the secrets they are keeping.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Phyllis is going straight to Jack and push him to immediately set in motion their plan to destroy "Brash and Sassy."

Jack is just as angry at his ex-wife as he is at his brother. Unfortunately, Phyllis is missing all the signs because her only goal is to annihilate the company where Billy is working with his former spouse. Once Jack has used her to get even with his younger sibling, he will toss the former love of his life aside. When the whole truth comes out, Phyllis will lose Billy as well but for now, she believes she is winning. Catch more of "The Young and the Restless, weekday afternoons on CBS, at 12:30 PM.