On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Brooke Logan has a history of indecisive behavior when it comes to men. She has been engaged to, married and divorced both Ridge and Bill several times each. When Brooke recently announced she was walking out on Dollar Bill her ex-husband and their son became hopeful of a Family Reunion. Ridge and R.J. each separately let Ms. Logan know they would love for her to come home to them. She made it clear that she was not going to make any rash decisions, but recently Brooke said she is going to change her separation into a divorce.

Soaps she knows spoilers, however, indicate that she may be having second thoughts about ending her marriage to Bill Spencer.

Ridge and R.J. have their hopes up

Brooke did not tell anyone she left her husband because he had the Spectra building, set on fire. Ridge and R.J. have asked her what happened but received no answer. They believe Bill is wrong for Brooke and are hoping she will reunite their family unite. Since her separation, Ms. Logan has tried not to give her ex-husband and their son false hope, but they continue to read more into her leaving Bill than she wants them too.

Last week Brooke told Katie that she still loves her husband, but could not accept the lengths he goes to when he does not get his own way.

By Thursday she had decided that she would indeed end her marriage and file for divorce. Spoilers, however, say this week Ms. Logan will reconsider her decision. If she does, it will destroy the dream her son and former spouse, have for a family reunion.

Brooke now has reason to reconsider

On Friday, Dollar Bill forgave Liam for blackmailing him and taking over his company.

The two men embraced, and Bill Spencer actually shed tears. Spoilers indicate that this week Liam's dad will give him a position as his right-hand man in the family business. When Brooke hears the news that her husband and his son have reconciled, and Liam is still working at Spencer, this may give her reason to reconsider the divorce proceedings.

Bill has been asking his wife's forgiveness ever since she left their home. Until now she has not had a valid reason, but upon hearing that all is forgiven between her husband and stepson, Brooke's faith may be renewed and she will decide to give her marriage another chance. Ridge and R.J. will probably try to talk her out of it so stay tuned Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautifull" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM on CBS.