Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate a twist regarding Victoria Newman's health issues. For several months she has been dealing with dizziness, ringing in the ears, mood swings, and even fainting. It was thought the symptoms were coming from the concussion Vicky got as a result of falling when Abby threw a drink in her face. Spoilers have even hinted that she may have a brain tumor. According to Soaps She Knows, Victor Newman's daughter has been poisoned by the face masks that Brash and Sassy are promoting. This indicates that her product has been tampered with and the logical suspect will be Jack Abbott.

Victoria collapses in Billy's arms

On Wednesday, Victoria and Lily were promoting Brash and Sassy's latest products on Hilary's show. Vicky kept zoning out and was unable to answer some questions. Eventually, she stood up to walk away and began to fall. Billy ran over to catch her and she collapsed in his arms. Spoilers say that at the hospital Victor will initially blame his former son-in-law for his daughter's health issues. Billy, however, will inform the Newman patriarch that Victoria was diagnosed with a concussion after falling and was recently in an auto accident.

Abby will believe her sister's woes are her fault because Vicky fell after they had been arguing and her younger sister threw a drink in her face.

Test results, however, will reveal that a more sinister reason is the culprit for her hospital visit. Test results indicate that Victoria has been poisoned by exposure to a toxin over a period of time. She will realize that her face masks must have been tampered with and her father will go on the warpath -- and Jack Abbott will probably be the first name to come to mind.

Brash and Sassy may be ruined

Prior to her interview with Hilary, Victoria told Billy that she put some of her own money into the men's line of face masks. They discuss how this product needs to do well because they have to pay back the bridge loan to Neil. Vicky adds that she also took out some smaller loans, so Brash and Sassy could be in real trouble.

If the men's line of products have to be recalled, the company could be ruined. At this point, the only one who can help them will be Victor.

Victoria's father and her ex-husband will do all they can to see that she recovers and that her company does not fail. They will also find out who tampered with her products and why. Jack Abbott may not be the only one with an ax to grind, as Ms. Newman has a number of enemies. Cane Ashby hates his former employer and would love to see her fail. Phyllis is so jealous of Billy that even she may have tampered with the face masks. Cane and Phyllis have both been in the Brash and Sassy office recently. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."