Spoiler alerts from The Christian Post indicate that trouble is brewing for Cane and Lily on "The Young and the Restless." The estranged couple will find themselves growing even further apart this week because of job problems as well as the relationship that is developing between their daughter and Victoria's son. The root of it all is probably the fact that Juliet just moved into the Chancellor mansion. Lily's shock at this turn of events will probably cause her to become increasingly defiant to anything her husband says. The reminder that she could not give birth to his child may eat away at her, and she will go out of her way to make life uncomfortable for him.

Juliet and their jobs are now a sore spot with Cane and Lily

Victoria and Billy just hired Lily to work full-time at "Brash and Sassy." Cane reacted with shock because his wife now is doing the job that he was fired from. He believes this was done to spite him and it only increased his anger towards Vicky. He shared with Lily that Jill gave him the temporary position of CEO of Chancellor Industries, and later bragged about the new job to Vicky. Cane also said some nasty things that caused her to throw her drink in his face.

Lily's reaction to finding out Juliet is living with Cane will only create more tension between them. Although she is the one who ended the marriage, she will not like seeing Ms.

Helton gain ground with the father of her children. Cane will become enraged when he finds out that his wife and his sworn enemy decided for his daughter without his input. When he realizes they permitted Reed and Mattie to continue their relationship it will cause more problems.

Reed and Mattie will cause Cane great sorrow

Cane probably feels like he doesn't have a single friend in the world because his wife and daughter are becoming chummy with the woman who fired him and her son.

Cane feels terrible that he is losing time and ground with Charlie and Mattie who Hilary refers to as 'The Wonder Twins.' He will be livid to know that Victoria and Lily gave the teens permission to date when he is bitterly against it. Reed and Mattie will be caught in the middle of the drama.

Cane's focus will be on losing the family he has loved for years, while Lily is looking at the fact that he is beginning a new one with Juliet.

These new twists in their situation will deepen the gap between this once super couple, and there may be no coming back from it. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1230 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."