"Megyn Kelly Today" has been airing on NBC since September 25, and the ratings are less than desirable. They have been reported to be at an all-time low. Page Six claims that the ratings have fallen from .77 points on Monday to .54 last Tuesday. That's a big drop in such a short period of time. That means her ratings are affecting the ratings not only of her show but for the "Today" show brand on NBC. Megyn's ratings are even lower than her Fox cable show ever was.

Negative press

Megyn Kelly has gotten bad press since the very first week when she took over the third hour of the "Today" show.

She was criticized for her interview with Debra Messing and her group during her very first week on the air. In fact, Messing agreed to go on the show because she thought her interview was going to be on the "Today" Show with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie instead of being with Megyn Kelly.

Also, during the first week, Kelly asked 79-year-old Jane Fonda about plastic surgery when the iconic actress was on the talk show with her co-star Robert Redford to promote their upcoming Netflix movie, "Our Souls at Night." The 46-year-old journalist was criticized by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb for bringing down their ratings because her show is a lead in to their fourth hour.

Unless something changes very quickly, the ratings are likely to continue to go down.

Variety reported that several influential publicists have told clients not to appear on "Megyn Kelly Today" because of the low ratings the show is receiving. One publicist said he is not sending anyone to the NBC talk show because of the negative press.

Viewers not impressed

So far, viewers are not impressed. A recent poll suggests that Kelly is less popular than anyone has ever been as an NBC talk show host.

Some officials agree that when new shows first start, it takes them a while to get their footing. However, it is rare for it to take as long as "Megyn Kelly Today" is taking.

Some are convinced that the show can eventually get on the right track, but the longer it takes the harder it will be for it to gain ground. The show needs some positive feedback as soon as possible to keep the ratings from going down.

Something needs to happen to begin pushing the ratings up.

The patience of some viewers is wearing thin, and they are about ready to find something else to watch. According to social media, some people are willing to give the show a chance. Perhaps something will be said or done in the near future to give the show the big push that it needs.