Comedian Chipukeezy announced that he finally got to meet his idol. The comedian has a huge following and detailed the events in their entirety. However, it has been revealed that he lied about how he met his idol. The comedian took credit for someone else's efforts. Christine Wawira called out the comedian for not acknowledging her efforts in putting the two comedians in contact with one another.

The comedian met his idol

According to Nairobi News, comedian Chipukeezy recently revealed that he got to meet his celebrity idol, Kevin Hart. The comedian took to social media to announce the news.

He was subsequently interviewed about his Meeting with Kevin Hart. He stated that he was able to meet Kevin Hart when he was at a Book Signing and claimed that it was one of the best experiences of his life.

It appears that the comedian lied about his meeting with Kevin Hart. Chipukeezy first claimed that a white woman was able to organize the meeting. However, it was Christine Wawira, a Hollywood actress, that organized the meeting for him. Wawira called out Chipukeezy when she detailed how she orchestrated the event on Facebook.

In a report by Nairobi News, this was not the only lie that Chipukeezy told during the interview with "Better Living." He claimed that he was the one who heard about the book signing with Kevin Hart.

He claimed he had no money for a taxi and had to beg someone for money to get to the event. Wawira claimed that she personally took Chipukeezy to the meeting and introduced him to Kevin Hart.

Chipukeezy has apologized

In a report by Nairobi News, Chipukeezy has since apologized for his actions and publicly posted a message directed at Christine Wawira.

He apologized to Wawira for failing to acknowledge her efforts in setting up the meeting with Kevin Hart. He stated that he made several mistakes when he recalled the event, and has since rescinded his statements.

He stated that Wawira was a huge help to him and thanked her for going out of her way to organize the meeting. The comedian claimed that he has had to rely on other people in order to climb the career ladder and that he should have acknowledged Christine.

He claimed that he owed her a mention and that he failed to do this.

In a report by Nairobi News, Chipukeezy also released a tweet to his fans. He apologized to them for not being the idol that they hoped he was. He stated that he disappointed everyone who ever supported him. Chipukeezy claimed that he has learned a valuable lesson and will not make the same mistake again.

The comedian lost a significant amount of respect from his fans, as he took credit away from Wawira.