The “OverwatchHalloween Terror Event 2017 will commence on Tuesday, October 10. However, several images of some of the game’s heroes wearing their rumored Halloween skins for this year’s event have been recently leaked online. A few days ago, Blizzard announced the start date of the upcoming event with images of McCree and Reaper wearing what seems to be their upcoming skin. Dr. Junkenstien’s image is also used in the most recent announcement.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user named Mnemosynaut shared several images of “Overwatch” heroes sporting their respective Halloween costumes.

This includes Zenyatta, Symmetra, Mei, and Reaper. It appears that the images were accidentally posted earlier than scheduled in the ads of the social networking site, Facebook.

Legendary skins

Zenyatta’s Halloween Terror Event skin features a combination of purple, green, and gold. Interestingly, she sports a squid-looking face. Many players claim that this could be the Cthulhu skin. Another image reveals Mei garbing what seems to be Chinese attire while a pair of fangs can also be seen sticking outside her mouth.

Reaper looks the same as the image earlier teased by Blizzard.

He sports a classic Dracula costume with a spooky skull helmet. Meanwhile, many fans are lauding the new Symmetra Halloween skin. Some like the combination of its sexy and dark theme. Her new skin makes her look like a dragon lady with glowing scales and yellow pair of eyes.

A newly-designed mechanical arm can also be seen in the leaked image.

Meanwhile, at Blizzard’s announcement, McCree was revealed wearing a costume similar to that of Van Helsing. So far, fans can expect five new Legendary skins in the upcoming Halloween Terror event. Hopefully, the game developer has prepared more of these cool skins.

Limited-time loot

Aside from the upcoming Legendary skins, an image showing Reaper also advertised limited-time loot.

The same text is also written in the leaked image of Zenyatta. At the bottommost part of the image, there is writing that contains the inclusive dates for the event, which is revealed to last until November 1. In addition to the event date, there is also text stating that there are 50 new items that will be available in the upcoming Halloween Terror event.

The much-awaited “OverwatchHalloween Terror 2017 event will commence on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Other fans are speculating that Blizzard might probably include the skins during last year’s Halloween event and offer it at a specially discounted price.