On Thursday's episode of "The Young and a Restless," the months of feuding between Ashley and Graham finally came to a head. The loathing these two have for each other has pushed them to the limit. Now they have opened a Pandora's box and disturbing revelations will change their future lives. During the celebration for Ms. Abbott winning the Innovator of the Year award, the hatred between Dina's companion and her daughter caused each of them to reveal a secret about the other. The shock caused Ms. Mergeron to blurt out a secret she promised never to tell.

The sworn enemies find out they have something important in common, as Brent Davis was a part of both of their lives.

Dina's associate and her estranged adult child are forever united

Ashley, Jack, and Ravi have been compiling information on Graham for the last few weeks. Traci came to town and gave her sister a very important piece of the puzzle. She found that Graham went to Walnut Grove school which is where the Abbott siblings attended. During the gala in her honor, Ashley announced that Graham grew up in Genoa City with the last name of Davis, but later changed it to his mother's maiden name of Bloodworth. Graham pushes back by telling the crowd that Brent Davis was his stepfather.

Mr. Bloodworth went on to say that Brent Davis married his mother, adopted him and was the only father figure he ever knew.

When he rekindled his relationship with Dina, the man who married Graham's mother left them both. He confirmed that he targeted Ms. Meregeron to get even, and she is so distraught she blurts out that Davis was Ashley's biological father.

Neither Dina's daughter nor her companion seemed surprised at the other's revelation. They stood looking at each other with hatred in their eyes not yet realizing they are united forever because of what has transpired.

The truth will set Dina and Ashley free but Graha will be out of luck

Graham reached out his hand for Dina and told her to go with him as if all is well. This man just admitted he targeted her for revenge and has hurt her and her daughter in a public setting. Now he wants them to go off into the sunset as if no damage has been done.

This most likely means that in spite of his original agenda, Mr. Bloodorth does have genuine feelings for Ms. Mergeron.

This truth that has been revealed will now set Ashley and Dina free from the burden of trying to hide it. Graham, however, is now out of luck. Ms. Mergeron can change her will and remove him from obtaining the bulk of her fortune and the Abbotts can bar him from their lives. What is not known is whether or not Mr. Bloodworth knew all along that Ashey was his stepsister, and how he originally wanted this situation to go down.

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