April 1 not only brought Rick Sanchez back from galactic prison, it also blew fresh breath into a delicacy that was long forgotten. This viral and one-of-a-kind lip smacker is none other than the limited edition Sauce served at Mcdonald's alongside chicken nuggets in remembrance of the 1998 motion picture "Mulan" by Walt Disney.

Devoured and overlooked from that point forward, the “Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce” as Rick fondly calls it, has been on everyone's list of things to get their hands on. There has been no record in the course of history about the demand of a dipping sauce up until now.

People going crazy over this condiment have tried recreating/cooking it in their household with whatever they can find. There were unverified rumors about the sauce making a comeback in limited quantity in select McDonald's outlets. To top it all, someone who had preserved two sachets of the sauce managed to sell them on eBay for over fourteen thousand dollars. Insanity, isn’t it? It’s all about the sauce.

Roiland gets a surprise!

After the hype had finally simmered down, there had unfortunately been no news about the special sauce until today. With just a handful of hours to go until the airing of the rest of Season 3, co-creator of "Rick and Morty," Justin Roiland, seems to have received a pleasant surprise from McDonald's.

Neatly packaged in an orange briefcase labeled “Dimension C-1998M” that looks like it’s from a whole different place and time, McDonald's sent Roiland a massive jug of the infamous Szechuan sauce.

Tell me more!

The sauce prepared by Chef Mike especially for Roiland came with a note that mentioned that they had finally managed to recreate the sauce.

The sauce apparently came from the dimension C-1998M where it's the year 1998 all the time.

It’s apparently a weird and scary place with no smartphones or social media, but they do have the Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce on the regular menu every freaking day. They took whatever amount of sauce they could manage and headed back since they could not risk leaving the portal for too long.

The note also mentioned that a few lucky fans of the show will get some of the sauce later on, but they thought they should present it first to Roiland. How very sweet!

Justin Roiland has reached out to his followers on Twitter with images of what he received, along with the note what came with the thoughtful surprise.