"Rick and Morty" opened up Season 3 with "The Rickshank Redemption" on April Fool's Day. The first episode of the season was special for a lot of reasons, but it was Rick's infatuation with the now-infamous Szechuan sauce that was only available for a short period at Mcdonald's in 1988 that started something big.

Bringing back the Szechuan sauce to tease us

Now here's the problem -- McDonald's isn't permanently bringing back the sweet nugget sauce. That would be way too nice. Instead, the fast food conglomerate has announced that they will be bringing back the original recipe, Mulan-inspired sauce for just one day only according to Polygon.

On October 7, "Rick and Morty" fans will be rushing to their nearest drive-thru to get their hands on a sweet little container or two of Szechuan sauce. And you better buy some nuggets to dunk it in and pony up for extra sauce packs because it's no secret that these flavor enhancers are not just free to take.

The history of 'Rick and Morty' and Szechuan sauce

As stated above, the infatuation with Szechuan sauce all started with the Season 3 premiere of "Rick and Morty" back in April. After the episode, the demand for the limited time sauce skyrocketed despite not having been available in at McDonald's for nearly 20 years.

The Szechuan sauce excitement led to a McDonald's chef creating three special 64-ounce bottles of the sweet, sticky stuff.

They ended up being awarded to three very lucky fans via Twitter. At least one of those bottles ended up on eBay for more than $15,000.

McDonald's isn't officially crediting "Rick and Morty with the one-day return of the nugget dipping sauce.

Instead, they are billing this as the return of "the year's most talked about dipping sauce." We all know exactly why people are talking though. Without Justin Roiland's obsession and the popularity of "Rick and Morty," it's safe to say we would not be celebrating Szechuan sauce day on Saturday.

The chef behind the rebooted Szechuan sauce knows exactly who deserves the credit for the Szechuan sauce comeback.

Chef Mike Haracz posted a picture of himself on Twitter. Behind him was a "Rick and Morty" styled Szechuan sauce picture. In his hand was a little dipping container of the sweet goodness. It looks like McDonald's will be giving credit where credit is due after all because the pull off top of the dipping sauce features our favorite Adult Swim characters right on it.