"Game of Thrones" fans who read the books already know most of what will happen in the series. Shows are, however, famous for deviating from the books they are based on. Because of it, the outcome of "Game of Thrones" and who will take the throne is still uncertain. One mystery that only fans of the books may have picked up on is the true identity and name of character Jon Snow. His identity was finally confirmed at the end of season 7 while his real name was hinted at during season 3. Fans may have missed the connection between the birth scene where his mother named him and the foreshadowing scene that gives his name.

Major season 7 twist

Time reported that two things were confirmed at the end of season 7. First, Jon Snow is the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark's sister. His real name, Aegon Targaryen, was revealed in a flashback sequence where Bran saw Jon's birth. The twist was actually revealed during season 3 when Stannis' daughter Shireen began teaching Ser Davos how to read. The first word she taught him was from the book, "A History of Aegon the Conqueror," and the word was Aegon. Liam Cunningham, the actor who portrays Davos, said that he had missed the clue as well and often doesn't know from one episode to the next what will happen. The latest theory for the show was recently debunked as well after the casting of a new character was revealed adding a new twist as to what will happen.

GamesRadar reported that "Game of Thrones" does foreshadowing like no other show. It's not surprising that so many viewers may have missed the clue. The name Aegon was actually the name of two Targaryen children. One of those children died, and the other grew up to become the King of the North. The foreshadowing of the name took place in the third season when Stannis Baratheon’s daughter first taught Jon Snow's right-hand man, Ser Davos, how to read.

Season 3 scene reveal

Digital Spy said that the easter egg revealing Jon Snow's identity was planted during season 3. Although the identity of Jon Snow has been an open secret, it was treated as a major revelation at the end of season 7. Another potential easter egg was revealed in the season 7 finale when the Night King marched his army past the Wall.

Their shape resembled the Stark emblem flipped backward. Whether this points to the identity of the Night King or someone else remains to be seen. There may be other easter eggs as well, cleverly planted in the previous season that would give fans clues to the final outcome. Fans may read up on the latest theories as well to discover potential plot twists that may take place in season 8.