"Playboy" has shown to be a huge advocate for the Transgender Community after featuring their very first transgender model in the magazine. This is the first issue since the death of Hefner and has been a huge step for the transgender community. Ines Rau was contacted and asked if she wanted to be a part of the magazine. Ines was more than happy to take part in the shoot, claiming that she knew this was extremely important for her community and her own career.

Hefner was an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community

According to the Independent, Ines Rau has been featured as the first ever "Playboy" transgender model.

This has marked a huge moment for the magazine. She has received a centerfold spread of her photoshoot in the first magazine published since the passing of "Playboy" creator Hugh Hefner.

It has been confirmed that this issue was a celebration of Hugh Hefner and everything he stood for. In a report by the BBC, it has been revealed that Hefner was an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues. The current producers of the magazines made the decision to include Ines in the magazine, as they believed this is what Hugh Hefner would have wanted.

In a report by the BBC, it has been revealed that Ines has modeled for several other high fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia. The model has been making waves across the modeling industry.

She has been receiving incredible work for the message she has been spreading about the transgender community. Her acceptance in these exclusive magazines has been a huge step forward for the transgender community as a whole.

Transphobic individuals have attacked her

According to Pink News, not all of the attention that Ines Rau has been receiving is positive.

The model has had to deal with her fair share of negative attention and discriminatory rants from individuals online. One such individual is Jenna Jameson who is an adult film star.

Jenna posted a transphobic rant to the internet, claiming that transgender people shouldn't be allowed to model for these kinds of magazines. She claimed that it is unfair and is similar to the issue of comparing biological men to women in sports.

In this, she means men who have chosen to transition and are now competing in their new gender category.

In a report by the BBC, it has been confirmed that this is not the first time that Jenna Jameson has shown to be transphobic. A few years ago, the star tried to deny that the suicide rates among the transgender community were terrifyingly high. It appears that Jameson has a personal vendetta against members of the transgender community for no known reason.

Ines Rau has expressed her pride in being featured as the first transgender woman to be featured in "Playboy."