During the past few years, “The Flash” managed to create its own identity in the Arrowverse despite being under the flagship of well-known existing properties. However, things are about to change when the series returns in Season 4.

According to Cinema Blend, Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) would be closer to its comic book version once he comes back from the Speed Force. Kreisberg pointed out, “It is not in the titles but every one of these shows: whether it is ‘Supergirl’ or ‘Arrow’ or ‘Flash,’ it is like Begins; ‘Arrow Begins,’ and now ‘The Flash Begins.’”

Season 4: Comic book version of Flash

Barry Allen will now make the biggest step as the Scarlet Speedster since debuting in “Arrow” Season 2.

Kreisberg explained that he has now become the flash in the comic book. In the previous seasons, Allen lacked not only in his abilities but also in his emotional state, which resulted in poor decisions. The upcoming season will show that he already has the full mastery of his skills. Aside from this, he will also obtain the emotional maturity that he has in the comics.

No one can ever blame Allen’s inconsistency in the past. In his young eyes, he witnessed the death of his mother while his father was falsely accused and imprisoned for it. He was adopted by Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and met the love of his life Iris West (Candice Patton). It is probably the only good thing that happened in Barry’s life.

Even his very first speedster coach in Season 1 named Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) a.k.a. Reverse Flash turned out to be his mother’s murderer.

On a brighter note, making Allen closer to its roots will result in a more lighthearted character. He will also be stable in his relationship with Iris West. As for his abilities, he will be more proficient in using it rather than always relying on other people's opinion.

All the heroes on The CW: Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash have always worked on being a better hero. Now, Cinema Blend revealed that all of them would act according to their comic book counterpart.

How did Barry Allen return?

We are already aware that Barry Allen entered the Speed Force to restabilize it. He did not discuss this decision with team Flash or even his fiancé Iris.

Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Vibe (Carlos Valdes) stepped up to protect Central City.

However, Hidden Remote reported that a yet-to-be-named villain came looking for the Scarlet Speedster. The unknown antagonist threatened to destroy the entire city as it demands Flash’s attention. In the end, Cisco decided to find a way in bringing back Allen with the help of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and the rest of team Flash members.