Fox entertainment confirmed that The X Files would get an eleventh season. The next installment is already in the making. According to a report by Den of Geek, the next season will release in 2018. “The X Files” season 11 will consist of 10 episodes. The first few images, revealing key details about the show, have also shown up online. Mulder And Scully are expected to continue their roles, picking up where the last season left off. According to Indiewire, Mulder and Scully might reunite again. The upcoming season will be full of twists and turn.

Cast details and role reprisals

A report by Deadline claims that Barbara Hershey will be seen reprising her role in the next season. Her character is extremely powerful. She is going to be a part of a villainous, mysterious organization. Mitch Pileggi played the assistant director of FBI since “The X Files” season 1. The actress is expected to continue her role as Walter Skinner in the eighth season. She is going to be accompanied by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder respectively.

Annabeth Gish’s character will be given much importance in “The X Files” season 11. Her character is played by actress, Monica Reyes. In fact, Reyes took to her Instagram account to post a picture from the set of the show.

She accompanied the picture with a caption that read, "The X Files season 11 filming has officially begun." Filming actually began a few months back in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Show-creators and writers

The famous trio, which consists of James Wong, Glen Morgan, and Darin Morgan – is going to return as writers for “The X Files.” According to TVLine, they have decided to add episodes to the next season.

These writers will be assisted by Gabe Rotter, Brad Follmer, and Benjamin Van Allen. Fox President, David Madden said in an interview that the next season will have “iconic characters, rich story-telling and bold creators.” He further went on to state that the brilliant work of all three writers combined is what keeps the fans glued.

There are newer mysteries to Mulder and Scully that need to be addressed in the next season. The show has almost become a pop-cultural phenomenon. Madden said that they plan on maintaining this reputation. The trailer of “The X Files” season 11 is expected to show up online soon. The show-runners, however, haven’t spoken about it yet. In season 11, it is speculated that the fate of many characters might be decided.