Barry Allen’s time in the Speed Force actually did more good than harm. It changed him into a different person but for the better. When he returns home in season 4, Barry is back to his sprightly self like what he was in season 1. He is no longer the gloomy speedster who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

‘The Flash Reborn’

The premiere episode of Season 4 is aptly called “The Flash Reborn” because it describes Barry’s state when he returns home six months after his stay in the Speed Force. The scarlet speedster experienced a rebirth.

Executive producer Todd Helbing said that Barry is born into a different but not entirely new person and this is all thanks to his time spent in the Speed Force.

In an interview with Collider, Helbing detailed what changed in The Flash in the months that he was gone. In Season 4, the scarlet speedster returns to being the fun-loving and joyful Barry Allen, who loves being The Flash. His stay inside the Speed Force helped remove the baggage and guilt that he has been carrying around for the past seasons. Whatever happened to him in the past six months helped him atone for all the mistakes he made, specifically Flashpoint. So, when Barry comes out, he is back to the old Barry who loves his speed powers and loving being part of the team.

“He’s much more akin to the Season 1 Barry Allen,” Helbing said.

Grant Gustin on Barry’s change

Grant Gustin, who plays the title character, also revealed in a previous interview that Barry Allen becomes wiser following his stay in the Speed Force. He sees things differently now and with more perspective. Barry also becomes decisive.

Suffice to say, the scarlet speedster in “The Flash” Season 4 is akin to his comic book counterpart.

What happened to Barry

Barry sacrificed himself in the Season 3 finale of “The Flash” as his retribution for messing up with the timeline several times. He had no idea what the outcome of his stay would be. He may have an idea though what would happen to him since he already experienced what it is like being in there in the episode “Into the Speed Force,” when he replaced Wally West, albeit his stay was only momentary.

This time though, he stayed in the Speed Force for a lot longer and witnessed his life played over again. Barry saw flashbacks of the mistakes he made in the past. Despite that the Speed Force left him jumbled and confused, the good thing is it also removed his fears and doubts.