A Richmond, Virginia fifth grader recently won $10,000. She was in a contest doing something she loves. The 11-year-old winner cooked on the Food Network. NBC 12 reported that Emmy Sumpter is a student at St. Catherine's, an all-girls private school located on Grove Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Emmy's winning segment aired on Tuesday, October 10 on the "Chopped Junior" segment of the Food Network.

Prize money

So, what will the fifth grader do with $10,000? Emmy plans to use part of her prize money to pay it forward. She told NBC 12 that she plans to use some of the money to help feed local homeless people, especially the ones who usually gather in Monroe Park.

The television station knows that anyone who eats Emmy's carefully prepared meals will love them. She gave the local television station a cooking lesson before appearing on "Chopped Junior." The dish she prepared turned out to be a big hit with those at the television station on Midlothian Turnpike.

Emmy's cooking experience

At just 11 years old, Emmy can cook better than some adults. She knows how to combine ingredients to make her dishes far from being bland and boring. Her mother, who is a personal chef, began letting her into the kitchen five years ago when she was only six years old.

Emmy has been creating different dishes that shock her family and friends. Not only are the dishes delicious, but they are also pleasingly presentable.

She just doesn't cook and plop the food on a plate. She takes the time to carefully place everything in a presentable manner on the plate that makes her dishes look good as well as taste good.

It is interesting that Emmy considers cooking as a way to express herself. She said cooking should not be limited to just putting things in a pot or pan, but it should be fun to experiment with different types of ingredients to come up with the desired results.

Journey to 'Chopped Junior'

Last year, Emmy submitted a cooking video to "Chopped Junior" along with other contestants. "Chopped Junior" is a reality show that gives young chefs a platform to showcase their cooking skills. Emmy was excited when she received a telephone call inviting her to go to New York to appear as one of the contestants on the show.

Emmy enjoys watching cooking shows with her family. Therefore, she knew what to expect before she appeared on the Food Network.The young girl was already motivated to cook before winning on the how. Now that she has won, it is a bigger incentive for her to continue cooking. Who knows what her future will be? Perhaps one day she will be the star of her own cooking show.