The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4" will feature Barry Allen fighting his new suit in episode 2's trailer "Mixed Signals." There are new theories about Barry's mysterious gibberish messages that will reveal his future actions in the show.

The Flash returns to Central City after his friends and family used an upgraded Speed Force Bazooka to yank him out of the Speed Force prison to help them fight a new threat, Samuroid. The villain wanted to face the Scarlet Speedster one-on-one, and it was revealed that he was created by the show's new big bad - The Thinker.

New 'Flash' suit upgrades

The trailer starts with Cisco Ramon showing off the new upgrades to Barry's Flash suit, which will help him be a more effective crime fighter. The new suit will feature nano liquid circuitry, self-repairing armor, full spectrum scanning and much more, It is a nod to Peter Parker's suit in "Spider-Man: Homecoming." While Wally West is impressed with the new suit, Barry is unsure and skeptical, and Cisco gives him an instruction manual to learn more about it.

Barry will face a new problem when his suit suddenly malfunctions and he will struggle to remove it. The trailer ends with him activating the lifeboat function.

The suit's malfunction may have something to do with the new metahuman villain, Ramsey Deacon who has the ability to manipulate any form of technology.

Executive producer Todd Helbing revealed that The Flash will discover a new ability during the course of the season.

"You'll see a new power at some point this season," Helbing told Comic Book Resources. "It's pretty cool."

Prison trial and the Tornado Twin's teased

Ever since Barry's return from the Speed Force in the season 4 premiere, comic book fans have been wondering if the mysterious messages may have something to do with his future actions this season and beyond.

According to Screenrant, the first message he muttered, "Your honor I'm innocent..I didn't kill anyone," teased the show's version of "Trial of The Flash" storyline. In the comics, Barry was sentenced to prison after he killed Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse-Flash. Audiences saw a small glimpse of that during the season 1 finale.

The second message, "We're gonna need more diapers," refers to Iris and Barry's future children, Don and Dawn Allen. They inherited their father's super speed and became the crime-fighting duo, The Tornado Twins.

Co-producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that Barry and Iris will get married this season, but their wedding day will be ruined by the arrival of evil Nazis from Earth X in the next "Arrowverse" crossover.