In the recent “NCIS” Season 15 Episode 3 titled “Exit Strategy,” Dr. Donald Mallard (David Mccallum) received a new opportunity from a friend. As he received the offer, will the Medical Examiner say goodbye to the NCIS Major Case Response Team?

The proposal is for him to have a permanent teaching position at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. So, his future at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service could be hanging in the balance.

Darwin’s offer and Mallard’s options

In “NCIS” Season 15 episode 3, Dr. Mallard went out of the NCIS morgue to attend a lecture at his former school.

At his guest lecture, his old friend, Dr. Cadence Darwin (Susan Blakely), offered him a glass of whiskey followed by a job to teach about his expertise on the cases he has handled before. This includes writing a book that could be read by future generations to learn everything from the expert. It, too, could be used as a reference for his field.

Although he declined it at first, he considered his options and carefully thought about it. He did some research and found out that nobody has ever written about finding a body inside a body. So, Ducky then accepted the offer and revealed his plan of leaving Palmer and NCIS. However, he is also worried what will happen if he quits his job as a medical examiner.

Darwin then reminded him that it will still continue because of his legacy. Is this the end of his storyline in the television show?

McCallum’s possible exit

To recall, at his guest lecture, Dr. Donald Mallard proudly talked about how he found the remains of a murder victim inside a man’s stomach in the middle of an autopsy.

He even had evidence for this.

He showed the class some photos of the eaten human flesh, and the students went wild. The talk was followed by a Q&A, where Dr. Cadence Darwin saved him from the queries and started to talk about her offer.

It is not new that “NCIS” original cast members are leaving the show. To recall, Michael Weather, who played the role of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, left the series in 2015.

Later, there was emerging news that Pauley Perrette, who portrays Abby Sciuto, will be taking her final bow in “NCIS” Season 15.

If David McCallum does indeed leave, CBS is expected to make an official announcement in the coming weeks or months before Ducky makes his final appearance, Hidden Remote reported. As this time, the network has yet to confirm the 84-year-old actor’s exit.

“NCIS” Season 15 episode 4 titled “Skeleton Crew” will air on October 10 on CBS.