YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling earned a Perfect Score of 40 points from the judges during this week’s episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” US Weekly reported. The previous episode of the reality dancing competition featured the contestants performing routines inspired by several movie genres.

Some of the film genres presented included foreign, action, sports, spy, animation, musical, drama and Western movies. Canadian singer Shania Twain was the guest judge and she also presented a performance in the middle of the show.

Stirling’s performance that night featured the sci-fi movie genre.

Along with her partner Mark Ballas, she danced the Argentine Tango to Sevdaliza’s “Human.”

It was a very creative rendition of the dance form as many of the movements hugely depicted the movie genre that they represented. For instance, the classic head turn in the tango dance was turned into the effects of neck breaking. The celebrity contestant showed her body’s flexibility with a lot of leg lifts and backbends.

Her costume itself was already a spectacle. Her face was embellished with silver accessories and she used a special pair of contact lenses. Meanwhile, Ballas was dressed up in a formal ensemble.

Strong contender

Lindsey Stirling rose to fame as a popular violinist on YouTube while she played various song covers.

Aside from her talent for music, she started dancing from a very young age.

During her most recent act on “Dancing With The Stars,” this violinist received cheers from the audience by the middle of her performance. The routine had very complex movements and footwork.

Closing act

The cheers from the audience started when Ballas and Stirling acted out the words “bones breaking” from the song lyrics.

It was followed by an awkward but beautiful routine leading to the final poses

The dance pro brought her down on the dance floor with her body twisted. He went behind her and just as the final beats of the song were played, she made her final pose in a cobra-like position.

Judge Len Goodman called their choreography “phenomenal” and commented that their dancing “was brilliant,” Goldderby reported.

Meanwhile, Bruno Tonioli said it reminded him of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” with a blend of “Ex Machina.”

“This is a side of you that I’ve never seen, so grounded, so strong, so deep in a different artistic way. You slayed,” Carrie Ann Inaba commented. At the end of the night, Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated from the competition.