There's been a lot happening lately with the Brown family of the Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People.” Matriarch Ami Brown is battling lung cancer and teen daughter Rainy Brown has been opening up to her followers on social media about her own recent struggles. Times are tough for the family these days, but Rain is doing her best to stand strong and voice her feelings about numerous topics, even as she receives intense pushback from some followers.

Rainy shared some news on mom Ami's health

Ami Brown continues her battle against lung cancer, despite the low survival odds she faces.

The “Alaskan Bush People” family has relocated from Alaska to California and Rain recently shared via her Instagram page that Ami is in the midst of her second round of chemotherapy. Rain and her mom are spending lots of time together and relying on both traditional and holistic approaches to tackling her cancer.

Not only is Rain facing difficult times with her mom Ami being quite ill, but she is also working through issues with depression. The reality television star admitted that she has recently had some dark days, but she is working on allowing herself to feel down and take some time for herself. She told her followers to stay strong and listen to their bodies and souls, encouraging everyone not to let people, dark feelings, or depression make them feel bad.

The teen continues her posts despite criticism

Alaskan Bush People” fans have rallied to support Rain as she opens up about these trying days, but not everybody has been positive. The Brown teen has faced criticism and cyberbullying in the past, and some harsh messages popped up on her recent posts related to her depression as well.

Critics accuse her of faking her depression and using her mom's illness to stay in the limelight.

Brown lit another fire with a recent post where she wrote about believing in equality regardless of one's gender, skin color, or sexuality. Rain urged people to join her in being strong, fierce, kind, and compassionate, but not all of the “Alaskan Bush People” star's followers heeded her advice.

Regardless of the negativity and criticism, the teen seems determined to remain open about her depression, life experiences, and opinions.

The Discovery Channel show is currently airing repeats and highlight episodes, and things seem somewhat up in the air in terms of a potential Season 8. Fans would imagine that the Brown family is focused first and foremost on Ami's cancer battle, and any filming for a new season is taking a back seat for now. In the meantime, it looks like Rain Brown will continue to share her thoughts and some updates via social media as she can, despite the critics who bombard her posts.