Avid followers of the Netflix royal drama series “The Crown” are well aware by now that Claire Foy will be playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II for only two seasons. This is because Season 3 will require an older actress to play the part of the British monarch. It is not only Foy who is leaving but also her other co-stars – including Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby – whose characters will be recast for the same reason as.

The Emmy Best Actress nominee, also revealed that her replacement was already chosen, but that was all she is willing to share.

Speaking at a press conference for her new film “Breathe,” Claire Foy said, “I know who’s doing it and I’m not telling you. It’s really exciting and great, and amazing,” the actress teased.

Season 3 recast

“The Crown” Season 3 storyline will tackle Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from 1963 or 1964, and according to Morgan, that would make it impossible to go with Claire Foy unless they make her look older through makeup. This is something Morgan is not willing to take on and the only solution would be to do a recast.

Claire Foy, meanwhile, said that she was aware from the start that she is doing the show for two seasons only. The 33-year-old mother then expressed her gratefulness for the wonderful time she had playing the current Queen.

Foy also said that she made “friends for life” doing the Emmy nominated drama series.

Season 2 starts December

Fans of the British royal drama series, however, can still look forward to watching Foy reprise her role when “The Crown” Season 2 premieres on December 8.

The second season will include controversial storylines like the rumored affairs of Prince Philip – the Queen’s consort and husband – and the controversial visit of US President John F.

Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy to Buckingham Palace.

Season 2 will also tackle the marriage of the Queen’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, as well as the political scandals that rocked the Queen’s government during that time. The show covers the Queen’s reign from 1956-1963.

John Lithgow, who won Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Emmys for his role as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is not coming back in Season 2 as his character’s storyline already ended last season.

Two more seasons

“The Crown’s” showrunners plan to have two more seasons after the latest one with controversial characters like Camilla Parker-Bowles and the late Princess Diana expected to appear. It is not clear how the show will proceed after these seasons as Queen Elizabeth II, who is already 91, continues to reign as British monarch up to this day.