"Unqualified" Anna Faris is wasting no time. The 40-year old actress dove right back into the dating pool just two months after announcing that she and her ex-husband, Chris Pratt were "legally separating." The actress, author, and podcast host was spotted this weekend with her new boyfriend, Michael Barrett, a cinematographer she met on the set of her upcoming film "Overboard." TMZ photographed Faris and Barrett at Cutters Crabhouse in Seattle as the pair sat side by side in a booth, with Faris' arm linked to his. They were sharing a bottle of wine and looked cozy and comfortable in the restaurant.

Last month, the pair were also spotted sharing meals in the Los Angeles area.

Actress and cinematographer were 'obviously' a couple

According to some eyewitnesses, Anna Faris and Michael Barrett were "friendly and a bit flirty" during their lunch date this weekend, Entertainment Tonight reported. Faris looked "carefree and very relaxed" as she sipped wine with her new boyfriend. This comes just a couple of months after she and ex-husband Chris Pratt announced in a heartbreaking note on social media that they were "legally separating." Pratt and Faris are parents to five-year-old Jack.

Chris Pratt hasn't moved on from Anna Faris

It seems that Anna Faris is coping with the separation from Chris Pratt fairly well.

But it looks like the same cannot be said for "Jurassic World" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt. According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Pratt admitted that the actor is "having a difficult time trying to figure out the timing of Anna’s new relationship with [Michael Barrett]." While Faris and Barrett did meet before the separation, the source said that Pratt didn't really want to think about when they truly began the relationship, as "it is too painful." In fact, the separation has been "really hard" on Pratt, whose "Jurassic World 2" releases next year.

The actor has since kept a low profile and is most likely taking time off after filming "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" and "Avengers: Infinity War." According to the source close to Pratt, the actor is "still very heartbroken" over the breakup.

'Unqualified' out now

For those who want a closer look at Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's marriage before the actress' new relationship with Michael Barrett, pick up "Unqualified," Faris newly released memoir. In it, she talks about relationships, marriage, and raising her son, Jack. The memoir is now available wherever books are sold.