The 25-year-old singer, Demi Lovato, officially announced her upcoming 2018 tour dates with Dj Khaled on Thursday. She revealed that the tickets will start to go on sale on November 3. Her special guest, DJ Khaled, will be joining the Pop Singer who will perform in the next twenty cities across North America from February to March.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lovato will kick off her tour in San Diego, California and will wrap up on March 31 in Tampa, Florida. On her recent tweet, Lovato said, "#theydidntwantustogoontourtogether #werecomingforyou #demixkhaled@djkhaledPre-sale begins Monday!!!"

Performance schedules

Following the announcement made by the "Sorry not Sorry" singer, she has also given the different dates that she'll be on tour in North America.

It was reported that Citi card members are given the chance to purchase the US pre-sale tickets starting October 30. According to a report by E! News, Lovato's concert tickets will remain on sale until November 2.

Perhaps these schedules are giving her fans the chance to purchase their tickets as early as possible on the given dates. It was further added that fans from the United States and Canada are given the chance to register through Ticketmaster's Verified Fan program. For additional concert dates and tickets information, fans can also visit the pop singer's official website.

Finding herself amidst split

While Lovato announced her upcoming 2018 tour dates, her fans were also happy that she's finally moved on from her split with Wilmer Valderrama. It was reported by Entertainment Tonight that the pop singer has been busy with the release of her new YouTube documentary, "Simply Complicated." Earlier this month, the singer also told Entertainment Tonight that she's in the process of finding herself in the midst of her ill-fated relationship.

Thus, apart from working on her career, Lovato is reportedly doing her best to give more value to her life. When asked about engaging into another relationship, the 25-year old singer admitted that she's not diving into anyone, anymore, for the meantime. She's starting to value her time with her family and friends as much as she can.

AS she moves on, Lovato also shared that she is beginning to appreciate herself now and has fallen in love with life at the same time. Her previous relationship might have been tough, but it has taught her a lot of life lessons.