“The Crown” season 2 US release date is expected to be November 2017 and at this moment, there are just enough available details about what to expect in the upcoming season of Netflix’s hit royal series to keep loyal fans’ interest satisfied.

Claire Foy, who won this year’s Golden Globe’s for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown”, had an interview with Vanity Fair about season 2. She was also nominated in the same category in this year's Emmy Awards for her role.

Foy teased avid viewers by revealing that the series will start where it left off.

However, the star added that it would be more about “…stuff that really you would not associate with the Queen of England.”

“The Crown” 2 and Prince Philip's life

Foy revealed to Vanity Fair that season 2 “The Crown” covers about 7-8 years in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign or 1956- 1964. It will include plot line on Prince Philip’s life and his impact on the crown and his marriage to the Queen.

According to the Express.co.uk, the creator of the show Peter Morgan has hinted that Prince Philip could cheat on the Queen in the upcoming second season of “The Crown.”

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon

Another subject expected to be included in the series according to Foy, is Princess Margaret’s marriage to the royal photographer, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, who later was bestowed the title Earl of Snowdon.

According to Town and County Magazine, the then secret love affair between Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon began when the latter was commissioned to photograph the Princess. The Royal family was said to be delighted with the couple who went on to marry on February 26, 1960.

However, after almost 20 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1978.

Just watch season 2 of “The Crown" if you want to know why.

Camelot meets the Queen

The second season of “The Crown” will also cover the years that John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States; bringing with him to the White House his glamorous wife Jackie.

The role of President Kennedy will be played by Michael C Hall whose character was described as both a natural leader and excellent public speaker.

However, he does “not take kindly to being upstaged by anyone, especially his wife.”

Meanwhile, the role of the glamorous Jackie Kennedy will be played by Jodi Balfour. Her character was described as seemingly natural. Yet behind her charming exterior of confidence and glamor, was a “shy woman who loathes public life”.

In June of 1961, the Queen hosted a dinner at Buckingham Palace for President Kennedy and the First Lady. It would be interesting how season 2 of "The Crown" will depict the interactions between the British Royalty and the American Royalty, famously labeled as Camelot.