Taylor Swift just gave her fans a new treat again. The brunette singer reportedly hosted a secret session for her selected fans in London on Friday, for her upcoming album, "Reputation." Several photos of Swift and her fans started to rage in the social media which featured them having fun at the event.

One of her fans posted a tweet on Twitter, and it said, "LOOK AT THIS ANGEL! TAYLOR SWIFT YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MY BEST FRIEND, THANK YOU FOR FRIDAY ❤ #repuationsecretsessions." Meanwhile, while the event was going on, Swift turned heads as she wore her pair of Gucci snake boots.

Secret sessions event

Swift's recent secret sessions gathering with her selected fans was one of the rare appearances which the singer made in the recent months. In a report obtained by E! News, the brunette singer made a wild comeback in August when she announced the release of her fiery single, "Look What You Made Me Do."

She also made an announcement that her sixth album, "Reputation," will hit stores on November 10. While Swift left her fans amazed with her latest music video, her fans couldn't help but notice the use of slithering snake to tease her music comeback. Since its release, her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video gained critics as they claimed that her song is intended to relay power and revenge.

Snake boots

During the "Reputation" secret sessions, Swift has given her fans another dream come true to be with her. The brunette singer sported a tousled hair, a red lipstick, and she completed her look with her head-turning venomous coral snake boots.

According to one of her lucky selected guest, Swift's upcoming album is best described with words like, "sexy" and "shady." In a previous report from E!

News, it was revealed that the brunette singer personally hand-picked 100 lucky fans to attend her intimate event.

Several fan sites and social media users shared that Swift's upcoming songs were played during the secret session. While the countdown is still up until November 10, the young singer had chosen to treat her fans with her private album listening event.

Meanwhile, Swift left her selected guests in awe when the singer gave them all a tight hug. Most of her fans shared their thoughts via a Twitter post and considered the event as the best night of their lives.

Swift had also given her fans the chance to take a photo with her and made them feel of her love. One of her guests wrote on the blog and said, "I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES. MY ANGEL. MY EVERYTHING. GENUINELY LIKE A METER AWAY. NO WAY."