Many celebrities and fans rolled their eyes at James Corden when he joked about the ongoing issue of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault allegations at a gala event on Friday. In his speech, the late-night show host delivered several quips on the issue. "[The weather] is so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage," he said at some point.

His statement earned mixed reactions from the audience and from the people on the internet.

Hence, James Corden took to social media to address the controversy and to defend himself from criticisms.

Corden apologizes for Weinstein jokes

The "Late Late Show" host said it was never his intention to make light of the producer's "inexcusable behavior" toward his alleged victims. He also apologized to those who were offended by his remarks on the issue.

Several personalities have responded to the host's remarks, including Asia Argento, Rose Mcgowan, Anthony Bourdain and more.

Rose McGowan, who claimed she was raped by the movie mogul, attacked James Corden in a profanity-laden tweet.

She also slammed the members of the audience for laughing at his jokes.

The 44-year-old actress recently opened up about the horror she experienced in the hands of the controversial producer. In a series of tweets she posted several days ago, Rose McGowan claimed she was raped by Harvey Weinstein and revealed why the incident has remained hidden for nearly three decades.

Producer faces multiple sexual assault allegations

Before Harvey Weinstein was exposed to multiple sexual assaults earlier this month, the "Death Proof" star has previously accused an unnamed studio boss of sexual harassment.

After she reported the incident, a female criminal attorney reportedly implied that she would never win the rape case since the actress has done a sex scene for a film.

Rose McGowan shared her this story for a campaign, called "Why Women Don't Report," that aimed at explaining the many reasons why most sexual assault victims would rather keep a tight-lipped on the horror they have gone through.

The actress also slammed Ben Affleck for debunking other people's sexual misconducts without evaluating himself for his behavior towards women. Her tirade against her "Going All The Way" co-actor came after he released a statement to condemn Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault allegations.

Rose McGowan called the actor a "liar" and accused him of playing dumb on the producer's misdeeds. Ben Affleck, on one hand, has apologized to Hilarie Burton for an episode that took place in 2003.