Taylor Swift has released the teaser for the upcoming music video for her latest single, “...Ready For It?” according to Billboard. However, the teaser received criticisms from social media fans who did not like some of the scenes.

The new music video teaser of “...Ready For It?” featured very interesting yet controversial scenes that some fans tagged as “whitewashing.” The scenes include Swift dressed in a skin color tight bodysuit and hooded costume.

There are frequent appearances of lighting and her character holding a glass ball. Looking at it, the teaser for her upcoming music video gives a resemblance of her previous video for “Bad Blood” that also had sci-fi themes.

Reactions from fans

Fans criticized the teaser for also resembling the reboot of “Ghost In The Shell” where actress Scarlett Johansson starred in. A Twitter user named @AustinCTweets posted a side-by-side photo of a screenshot from Taylor Swift’s teaser and Johansson wearing a bodysuit from the movie.

“I didn’t realize Ghost in the Shell was being rebooted and starring Taylor Swift,” the netizen pointed out. The teaser also included scenes that featured a robot and an extraterrestrial being.

The particular film where Johansson starred in was accused of “whitewashing” because she portrayed the role of a character that was originally Japanese. Fans also noticed parallelism over the part where the pop singer broke a glass wall and pointed out how this resembled another scene from “Ghost In The Shell.”

Latest album

The audio version of “...Ready For It?

” was released on YouTube and as a digital download after an audio teaser was aired alongside a sports coverage on television. The song is part of her latest album “Reputation” and was co-written by Swift with Ali Payami and Max Martin.

“Reputation” is an album that featured Swift sporting her new image. The brand of her album has been revealed through the previously released music video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The video suggests that she is leaving her previous images from earlier projects and showcasing a braver image to her fans.

The upcoming music video was directed by Joseph Kahn, the same director behind many of her previous productions such as “Wildest Dreams” and “Blank Space.” It is still unclear as to whether Swift invited guest stars in this project. She has confirmed that it will be released on October 27, Independent reported.