Taylor Swift recently took a break from the music industry. However, now she is back and is producing several projects including her latest album "Reputation" due to be released in November 2017. The star has released new music and has now revealed that she has teamed up with a social media company to make her own App. The singer released a promotional video online where she detailed the specific uses of her own app.

The app has been announced

According to NME, Taylor Swift has revealed that she will be releasing her first ever app, titled "The Swift life." The singer made the announcement through social media and has claimed that it will be released before the New Year 2018.

Swift stated that the app is a creative and innovative way for her fans to connect with one another. Swift has also revealed that the app will feature videos and comments from her.

Time Magazine reported that Swift made an announcement video and released it online. The singer features in the video which reveals her intentions for the app. The singer explained that she wanted to create a space where she could connect with her fans. She also admitted that she wanted to create a community space for her fans so that they can interact with one another and hopefully form friendships with one another.

The singer has revealed that the app will have some specific functions which are not available on any other social media app.

The app will contain Taylor Swift emoji's and will allow fans to listen to her music. They will even be in the position to receive sneak peeks of her work and projects she is working on.

The app is a collaborate work

According to The Verge, the app "The Swift Life" is a collaborative project. Taylor Swift joined forces with the company Glu which is well known for its production of mobile games.

Glu has worked with many celebrities in the past including the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

The CEO of Glu, Nick Earl, released a statement about Taylor Swift's app, promoting the use to social media users. He claimed that the app is a hybrid of sorts, similar to apps and websites that currently exist. It will have a messaging service similar to that of Facebook and will have a wall posting option including threads.

Aspects of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and more, have been integrated into the app to make it a great user experience for fans.

Time Magazine pointed out that there has been no further information released about the app. Nick Earl claimed that the app is a great way to personalize the connection Taylor Swift has with her fans, as she already spends hours a day reading their comments and responding to them.