After long fan speculation, Katy Perry finally confirmed reports about her feud with Taylor Swift during her appearance on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" on Monday, May 22. In fact, the "Wide Awake" singer insisted the "Shake It Off" artist initiated the fight -- well, sort of -- when Swift allegedly dedicated a song to their dispute.

"Now we got bad blood"

Perry was referring to Swift's "Bad Blood" which talks about her "mad love" that turned into "bad blood." Fans initially thought the "1989" cut was written for an ex-lover. The "Love Story" artist, however, revealed she personally penned the song for someone from the music industry.

After dropping the bomb, fans were quick to point out that Taylor could be referring to one of her close friends, Perry. The former has been open about the real reasons that she wrote the song for that one person she never named.

Are we friends?

In a previous interview, the "You Belong With Me" singer admitted she was confused whether her friendship with the unnamed singer was genuine or not. She even questioned the intention of that person for coming to her shows, greeting her at award events, and leaving her with the "harshest insult" in her life.

After years of exchanging tweets and smiles, Taylor revealed the person behind song "did something horrible" which made her liken her relationship with the person to a "straight-up enemies." The "Speak Now" artist, however, clarified that the feud between her and that singer has nothing to do with a guy.

Taylor even accused that person of trying to "sabotage an entire arena tour" by hiring her people out of her team. After learning about it, Taylor said she tried to avoid her ex-friend to avoid any more conflict. After her interview was aired, Perry seemingly fired back at Taylor in a vague tweet. When she was asked about the post, the "Thinking Of You" singer warned that those who are trying to "defame" her will hear the story behind her "Regina George in sheep clothing" tweet.

In a separate interview, Swift candidly said "Bad Blood" is a song about "losing a friend." Despite playing it coy, the singer has been leading her fans to conclude that the "1989" track was all about Perry. She even equated losing friendships and failed romance.

She started it

When Perry released "Witness," she was asked whether the album was a respond to Swift's "Bad Blood," in which she clarified that the album is "not about anyone else." After years of the two throwing shade at each other, Perry finally confirmed that she and Taylor have issues.

During her "Carpool Karaoke" episode, the "Roar" singer insisted Taylor started the fight and has been refusing to talk to her. Perry claimed she tried to reach out to her co-singer to explain about the dancers who planned in joining her; however, her attempts were reportedly rejected by Swift.

Despite their ongoing feud, Perry told Corden she would be willing to stop the fight if Swift would initiate a talk.