Jenelle Evans is the most recent cast member of the "Teen Mom" franchise who has threatened to quit the series. After a controversial episode that showed Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, cursing at their son, Kaiser, Jenelle deactivated her Twitter account in order to protect herself from the backlash she would receive.

She also told fans she was receiving a "bad edit," which she often says. Jenelle then proceeded to let people know that she would be quitting the show once the season finished. However, she is far from the first "Teen Mom" to threaten to quit the show, as fellow cast members, Amber, Farrah, Maci and Leah have all threatened to walk off to the show.

"Learn to stay humble"

Javi Marroquin turned to "Radar Online" to let them know he had a lot to say about the women who threaten to quit the show.

"I hate when they say that because if you take out the doors that it opens, the money it provides, the house you’re living in, take all of that out and where would you be?" he told the media outlet.

He also called out Jenelle Evans for constantly claiming that she is receiving a bad edit on the television show.

"If I get a bad edit then I deserve it, if I said something stupid or did something stupid [on camera]. We signed up for it. Realize it and change," Javi said.

He also told fans that she and other people should learn to stay humble and appreciate everything that "Teen Mom" has given them.

Jenelle will "probably quit" the show

After her "bad edit," Jenelle Evans has told fans that she will "probably" quit the show and that she and her family have been treated like "subhuman performing monkeys." She has already posted to her Instagram account that her son, Kaiser, 3, has a speech impediment, which is why it sounded like he was screaming, "Feed me!" to his parents.

Instead, she claims he was screaming something else and was angry that his older brother, Jace, was not helping him with something.

Jenelle and David have previously landed themselves in hot water for a myriad of reasons to do with Kaiser. They were accused of tossing him around like a "rag doll" in the premiere of this season's "Teen Mom 2" and photos surfaced of Kaiser on a boat with his parents without a life jacket.

Kaiser has also been the subject of issues between Jenelle and her ex, Nathan Griffith, who is Kaiser's father. Court documents indicate that Nathan's mother, Doris, has previously tried to get emergency custody of her grandson.