Actress Meghan Markle has a starring role on the popular legal drama "Suits" that airs on the USA network. The series is in its seventh season and Meghan has been with the series since the beginning. Viewers have seen her character move up the ranks from a paralegal to an attorney. She is engaged to another lawyer in the firm, and she is known to keep the other lawyers on their toes.

The character Meghan plays is paralleled to her own life. Meghan's real name is Rachel Meghan. On "Suits" she plays Rachel Zane. In real life, she is biracial. Her father is white, and her mother is black.

On the television series, it is just the opposite. Her father is black and her mother is white. She is a foodie on the show and off the set as well.

Next season

The others actors have signed their contracts to return to the show for another season. However, Meghan has not signed her contract. As of now, fans do not know if the 36-year-old girlfriend of Prince Harry will return for another season or move to London to be with him. He certainly would not be allowed to move to Toronto where the show is being filmed. It is easier and makes more sense for her to move there than for him to reside in Canada. Besides, if she becomes engaged and married to Prince Harry, Meghan would have to give up her acting career like Grace Kelly had to give up hers when she became Princess of Monaco.

This all according to a report by Metro.

What Meghan will have to give up

Other than having to give up her acting, Meghan will have to give up all political views. She will not be allowed to vote or even discuss politics any longer. She will have to give up her fashions assignments and will be expected to dress more modestly.

She has already given up her social media presence by shutting down her fashion blog, "The Tig" several months ago. Her life will change in a lot of ways. She will not have to give up her charities. In fact, she and Prince Harry will combine some of their charities.

When "Suits" isn't filming, Meghan spends time at Kensington Palace with Harry.

At the beginning of the year, she spent the first couple of months in the UK with him and on every other break when the show isn't filming. In the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Meghan said she and Harry are very much in love and she wants to tell about their love story some day.

When Prince Harry was in Toronto for the recent Invictus Games, he and Meghan did not hide from the public eye. He took care of his official duties but ended up sitting with her after the opening ceremony. They chatted and held hand as they watched the games together. At times, there was some PDA.

Since the public is quite interested in their relationship, Meghan and Prince Harry are always in the news. Stay tuned for more details about their love story as it continues to develop day by day.