Josh and Anna Duggar just had another baby and seem to be doing great. Now the news is out that some fans want him to return to the show once again. When the news came out about Josh Duggar's molesting his sisters when they were younger, the show "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled. It looked like the Duggars wouldn't be on television at all, but then they brought them back with "Counting On." The big difference was it was more about the older kids and Josh Duggar wasn't allowed on the show.

Cafe Mom shares how fans want him to return

Cafe Mom shared all about how some fans are hoping that Josh Duggar will return to the show.

Since Josh left, the viewers don't really get to see much of Josh or of his children or Anna. Josh has been off the camera for two years now. They even made sure that they edited Josh's face out of the videos for Jinger and Jeremy's wedding. They didn't want Josh to appear on the show at all.

What got fans talking about wanting Josh back?

The Duggar family does share about Anna and the kids even though they don't share pictures of Josh normally. The family recently shared a picture of Josh and Anna's little girl Meredith and she was playing the piano. Along with it, the picture said, "Meredith may become a future concert pianist! This got the fans really excited about the idea of Josh possibly coming back and some people mentioned it.

Some people don't want Josh back, but it sounds like a lot of them would love to see him return.

The fans started talking saying, "I'm still so upset that they can't feature Josh," one person commented. "How do they get to be a testimony of God's redemptive power if they can't show the healing?" Another added, "Put Josh back with his family please."

The thing to remember is Josh Duggar is still with his family.

He is at every event and even goes to the weddings and parties. They just avoid putting him on the camera. That would be the only big difference was if they put Josh Duggar on the camera again and the fans got to see him on television. It doesn't sound like that will ever happen, though. There are a lot of advertisers who didn't want Josh on the show at all and it might be hard to find people that are willing to be connected to the show with Josh on it.

Do you want to see Josh Duggar back on "Counting On" again? Do you think that TLC would ever consider bringing him back? Sound off in the comments below and hopefully "Counting On" will return for another season. As of right now, that hasn't been confirmed.